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Brain Training

August 15th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

by Wendy Lalli, Marketing Director, Mind Source Solutions

Recently there has been an explosion of new products and services as a result of discoveries made in the last few years about the brain. These discoveries touch on every aspect of the brain from its physical formation and chemical interaction to its lifelong plasticity. Based on these findings – and a growing popular desire to improve brain function – various solutions are being proposed. In a recent article in The New Yorker, “Mentally Fit – Workouts at the brain gym,” journalist Patricia Marx examines a number of these proposals.

Marx writes her piece from the prospective of a witty (she wrote for Saturday Night Live as well as The New Yorker) woman on the verge of 60 seeking possible ways to stave off the horrors of memory loss, among other brain malfunctions associated with aging. She finds such remedies are popping up all over the place. There are new software programs like emWave Desktop, Luminosity and other online brain exercise regimes and health centers specializing in brain health such as the Cottage Center for Brain Fitness in Santa Barbara, California and the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness, in Chicago, IL.

But the piece in The New Yorker is just the tip of the iceberg. Articles about fighting off the lost of cognitive ability because of aging and/or disease have been appearing almost everywhere. CNNMoney had an article by Alvaro Fernandez on protecting your brain to boost your career while The Economist considered the money making aspects of cognitive training.

One can’t help thinking that if someone is seeking serious brain training to improve memory and general cognitive performance, neurofeedback should be their first option. For one thing, unlike these new offerings – games, online exercises, etc. – neurofeedback has a proven track record. The fact is, people in every type of profession have used neurofeedback for these purposes for years with virtually no harmful side effects. The cost of therapy sessions is affordable and providers can be located online through Mind Source Solutions. Although brain games and cognitive training software may initially seem be less expensive, if they don’t produce significant results, in the end patients could be using up their time, energy and dollars with little to show for it.

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